Explaining the Non-Points System for Kansas Drivers

I am often asked if Kansas has points and the answer is no.  Instead, Kansas uses the number of “moving violations” and the “Habitual Violator” statute to regulate dangerous drivers. I like to think of these as three-strikes laws. Namely if you have three or more moving violations or habitual violator convictions, you lose your license for a certain period.

Moving Violations:

If you have three or more convictions of the following in a three year period, you will lose your license for one year:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey a traffic signal
  • Driving without license in possession
  • Other offenses described in K.A.R. §92-52-9.  See also K.S.A. §8-255 (these are typically moving violations like improper lane changes, failure to signal a turn, etc.)

Habitual Violator Issues:

For much more serious traffic offenses like driving while suspended, Kansas drivers are subject to the Habitual Violator Statute, which allows for a three year suspension if a driver is convicted of three or more of the following offenses in a five year period:

  • Driving while suspended or revoked
  • Driving without insurance
  • DUI – including DUI diversion
  • Other serious offenses, as described in K.S.A. §8-285

Lastly… The important point here is that if you have accumulated too many of these kinds of traffic tickets, you should hire a lawyer to see if a conviction can be avoided so that you can keep on driving!


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