Never Plead Guilty to Driving While Suspended (“DWS”)

Missouri courts, especially Kansas City area courts are cracking down on drivers who drive while suspended or revoked.   This means some drivers are facing felony charges and serious jail time for driving while suspended.  The only way to face felony charges in these cases is to have prior convictions for DWS and that is where I would like to start.

If you have been charged with DWS and you have been to court at least once, the judge has probably already told you in no uncertain terms to go get a lawyer.  The judge probably also told you that you face up to six months in jail on the charge and the loss of your license for at least a year.

Now, if you are one of those people who does not want to go get a lawyer and is adamant about pleading guilty to that charge, eventually the judge will let you do that.  I am writing to say – don’t do that.  Hire a lawyer who can get that charge reduced.  Pleading guilty will result in probable jail time, fines and 12 points on your Missouri license.

So you’re OK with jail time and the points?  Fine.  You should be certain your are never going to get another DWS ticket in your life because in Missouri, being caught more than twice for DWS is a mandatory felony charge.  You will do jail time and you will have a felony on your record.

You can avoid this problem by having a lawyer get the charges reduced when you get a driving while suspended ticket.  That way you will not have the prior conviction that may result in felony charges later.   Forewarned is forearmed.


3 thoughts on “Never Plead Guilty to Driving While Suspended (“DWS”)

  1. whn can you be charged with driving under revocation. Can you be charged with this if someone other than a ploice officer says you where driving ??? What actually constitutes this law . If I am involved in a seperate non-driving incident such as property damage . and the person claiming I cause property damage and they tell the police officer they saw me driving can the officer charge me with driving while revoked???

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