NCSR – Missourians are smarter than this!

NSCR Ad on KC Star website

You can hardly read the newspaper or watch the local news with coming across some really sad ads about red light runners and their victims.   But I’m just not buying it.  Why are these ads popping up all of the sudden when the Missouri legislature is considering a state-wide ban on red light camera ticket systems?  And who is the National Coalition for Safer Roads?

Well NCSR is none other than a paid lobbyist group for American Traffic Solutions, the company that manages the red light cameras for St. Louis, Kansas City and other municipalities in the state.  These ads are only running in Missouri, where ATS has strong roots.

This group claims to be about safety, but the real fact is that its monetary interest in our state runs deep.  If red light runners where any more of a danger than the any other bad driver, there would have been an organic movement by now to demand more safety, not a company pushing its agenda.  I get that the people in these ads have suffered a real loss, but a private company shouldn’t exploit their pain to make money.

There are very few ways to vet NCSR because they have dumped a load of PR into the media to shade the fact that they are just another lobbying group.   Read more at;

Just my 2 cents.  I feel sorry for the cities and towns taken in by these snake oil salesmen.  They thought they were improving safety and getting some revenue, now all they have is a headache and profits handed over to a private company.


2 thoughts on “NCSR – Missourians are smarter than this!

  1. Great entry, you mailed it. WrongOnRed would love to have your support. We are a group of Missouri Citizens working to end Photo-Enforcement in the State of Missouri. Check out our site and Facebook Page.

    Matt Hay

  2. there is nothing in the constitution that gives mayors or any elected, appointed officials or private company the authority to impose this. if the results of one’s action leads to death, injury damage to property than they must be held accountable. camera tickets are a form of extortion and a imposition of fear. so with all due respect the elected, appointed officials and/or private entity can kiss all our butts, we don’t owe any of them a darn thing. we the people dont exist to please government.

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