Traffic Ticket Woes for the Randolph, MO Budget

Courtesy of google maps
Randolph, MO Pop. 50 (2000)

Many small towns rely on traffic enforcement as part of the city budget, but apparently the city of Randolph, MO has been relying too heavily on that particular stream of revenue.  According to State of Missouri law, revenue from ticketing on state or federal highways that exceeds 35% of a city budget, must go back to the State.  That is a problem for Randolph because nearly three-quarters of the tickets issued there are for Highway 210 and Interstate 435 and the City has not been giving excess revenue back to the State of Missouri.

Of course, most towns and small cities would argue that ticketing is about safety and it is — to a certain extent.  However, it is hard to see that rationale in a city that derived more than 80% of it revenue from ticketing in 2009.  More so, the ticketing is not occurring on city streets, where it would seem that safety is an even more important consideration.


One thought on “Traffic Ticket Woes for the Randolph, MO Budget

  1. This has become a huge problem in AR, and OK recently. Small towns like Palestine in AR and little towns along Dallas highway in OK. Trivial violations(not coming to complete stop at a stop sign) are charged upto 200 dollars easily. They are mostly collected at the highway connections to the gas stations off the road. The ‘yield’ signs have been replaced by ‘Stop’ signs and cops are sitting there to collect city’s revenue. Really a shame.

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