Wal-Mart’s Insurer Low Balls Olathe Woman

Courtesy of Lara Moritz/KMBC

An Olathe, KS woman’s car was driven off a retaining wall after she took it in for an oil change.  Although, the original story appears to be aimed at blasting Wal-Mart for the accident, the real issue is Wal-Mart’s insurance company.  

The woman was offered $7,100 for the damage done to her car, even though it is worth $9,600.  The car was undrivable after the accident.  I have to say from personal experience that Wal-Mart is not the problem in this case.  It is the insurance company.

I have come across this time and time again.  It is standard practice for insurance companies.  If you have been in an accident, they will do everything they can, from personal attacks to exaggerating “preexisting damage,” to pay as little as possible for your damage.  In my opinion, don’t succumb to the pressure, you deserve to get every penny you are owed when someone else damages your property.

Strong arm them back, and if that doesn’t work, you could hire a lawyer (of course I’m biased). 

P.S. After contacting Wal-Mart (corporate), the woman was given full value for her car.  Read the full story.


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