News from the American Bar Association

The American Bar Association (“ABA”) held mid-year meetings today, including a session of its legislative body, the ABA House.  Here are a few stories coming out of that session.  

Mass. Chief justice speaks to the impact of politics and the failing economy resulting in increased pressures on state courts.  Not only are courts facing budget cuts, but when the economy is in decline, more lawsuits are filed.  Full Story.

House passes resolution calling for legal representation of illegal immigrants detained by the federal government.  The resolution states that detainees should be told they have a right to an attorney, should be allowed to call their attorney, and should be told their rights in their own language.  Full Story.

The House passed another resolution requesting that judges be given the discretion whether or not require juvenile sex offenders to register as sex offenders.  Current law requires juveniles over the age of 14 to register as sex offenders for a minimum of 25 years.  Full Story.

The ABA House passed several other resolutions and heard from speakers on a variety of subjects.  Read more from the House’s new web page and live broadcast.


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